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2017 TimeMachine TM02

$3,699.00 - $5,999.00
White Ultegra Orange Ultegra Di2
Medium-Short Small Medium-Long Large
The all-new Timemachine is tailor-made for triathletes. The culmination of four years of studying the needs of multi-sport athletes, a three-year aerodynamics partnership with Sauber Engineering and two years of final product development, the Timemachine is the new benchmark for triathlon-specific equipment. With continued legendary SubA aerodynamics performance, the Timemachine's recipe for success is clear – superior tube shaping, maximum component integration, and an extensive rider positioning system. For middle and long-distance triathlons or time trials, the new Timemachine is the must-have bike for races against the clock.


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2017 TimeMachine TM02