Endurance House

Our Story

The Endurance House Idea

While on a training run in the summer of 2006 I began thinking about names for the new retail store my wife and I planned to launch. We wanted a welcoming name that covered a broad spectrum, not just triathlon, or running. Then it hit me: Endurance House!

I felt this name captured what we wanted to create: A genuine and encouraging retail atmosphere for triathletes, runners, and walkers of all abilities. So I picked up my pace and headed for home, excited to share the idea with my wife. I also wanted to see if the endurancehouse.com domain name was available. So I finished my run and burst into my wife’s home office saying “Quick, check to see if endurancehouse.com is available”! It was, and our journey began.

As we developed plans for Endurance House we structured it to become a franchise. We believe deeply in our brand and our core philosophy: Our business is about people and relationships, plain and simple. We have a passion for triathlon, marathons, swimming and all things endurance. Combining our business and marketing experience into something we loved so much and sharing it with others was a no-brainer.

Today, we’re helping people all over the U.S. Own Their Passion by becoming Endurance House franchise owners. In doing so, we’re striving to deliver our brand of Gold Standard guest service to triathletes, runners, and walkers of all abilities in a genuine and encouraging atmosphere!

-Jamie Osborn

What is Endurance House?

Endurance House is a franchised specialty retail concept founded in 2006 on the idea of providing Gold Standard Guest Service to walkers, runners, and triathletes of all abilities in a genuine and encouraging atmosphere. We currently have 14 operating franchises across the nation, with agreements signed with 20 total locations. We seek passionate and approachable people to become Endurance House franchise owners and believe that relationships are the key to our success. Striving to help regular people redefine themselves sums up our day-to-day approach to business. Our proven Endurance Consultants will listen and learn from you so that we can equip you to Redefine Your Possible!